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  1. [Yookidoo] Musical Duck Race

    [Yookidoo] Musical Duck Race

    Our Price: $52.95

    • A battery operated bath toy that draws water from the tub and creates a unique fountain and race track.
    • Cheerful music plays along while 4 colorful ducks race each other.
    • Each duck features a unique different water spraying effect!
    • Leaf lever activates 9 random sound & water effects.
    • Automatic shut-off after 3 minutes.
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  2. [Munchkin] White Hot?? Inflatable  Safety Duck Tub

    [Munchkin] White Hot?? Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price: $29.95

    A Bath Ducky with a safety indicator underneath - so only the Ducky needs to tell you when its bottom is too hot. It's the little things.

    Babies (especially newborns) have extremely sensitive skin, and it can be difficult to get their bath temperature just right, because what feels comfortable to us may not always be comfortable for them. You can prevent unnecessary bathtime discomfort with the Safety Bath Ducky, a new take on the classic rubber duck. This hard-working bath toy has innovative White Hot technology that warns you when bath water is not suitable for baby's delicate skin. Simply place the duck in the tub, then lift up to check the blue disc on the bottom. If it says HOT, add water or let the bath cool down before placing baby inside. Aside from being a bath safety must, this cute duck is also water-tight, mildew resistant, and fun for baby to play with, making it a true bathing best friend! Learn More
  3. [Munchkin] Stay-Put Suction Bowls -3pk

    [Munchkin] Stay-Put Suction Bowls -3pk

    Our Price: $24.99

    Strong suction base bowls that keep your child’s food in place - because mealtime sometimes makes you want to throw in the towel. It’s the little things. Let’s face it. Toddlers can get a little rambunctious at dinner time (make that all the time). But you no longer have to duck for cover from a flying bowl of macaroni & cheese. To help minimize mealtime messes, Munchkin created its Stay-Put Suction Bowls. Just stick the suction to the table or high chair, and lift with the easy release tab when mealtime is done. The bowls have tall, curved sides to help toddlers self-feed, too. Now if only you could keep your toddler in place so easily! Learn More

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